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Paver Infill – Non Gastight

A cost effective alternative to traditional brass or stainless steel edge covers, Mascot’s Paver Infill Covers are available in Class B and Class D (AS3996) loadings. The ductile iron paver infill covers and frames are perfect for urban areas, patios and driveways where you would like the cover to disappear into the surface finish.

Suitable for pavers, tiles, decorative concrete and other floor finishes these covers are for use over electricity, communications as well as stormwater and drainage systems. Although the edge is wider than galvanised steel versions, the additional strength of the ductile iron ensures the covers do not warp when removed.




  1. Covers allow for an infill depth of 75mm
  2. All covers and frames manufactured from grade T220 iron (minimum) to conform to AS1830
  3. Units are coated in bituminous paint complying with BS3416 type II
  4. Load ratings are in accordance with AS3996
  5. Covers and Frames are not interchangeable
  6. All covers supplied with lifting keyholes and plugs


Clear OpeningLoad RatingCover TypeWeightProduct Code
450x450Class BPaver Infill Cover & Frame51kgPI44B
450x450Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame64kgPI44D
600x600Class BPaver Infill Cover & Frame65kgPI66B
600x600Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame72kgPI66D
900x600Class BPaver Infill Cover & Frame119kgPI96B
900x600Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame128kgPI96D
900x900Class BPaver Infill Cover & Frame130kgPI99B
900x900Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame140kgPI99D