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Joint Bays

Precast Cable Joint Bays provide a clean and secure environment for the assembly of cable joints as well as  bonding and earthing leads.  Once installation is complete, Coreworx Joint Bays ensure protection of the cables and components whilst providing safe and secure access should it be required.

The manufacture of precast joint bays off site rather than in-situ can provide considerable cost savings.  Depending on your project and the location, a precast unit can be installed quickly reducing site impacts such as road closures.  Weather impact on site and open excavations concerns are reduced with precast vs built on site.

Segmented Joint Bays – Patented Design by Mascot Engineering

Mascot Engineering holds a patent with the Australian Patent Office for a Segmented Underground Work Bay. The patented design was invented by Paul Fletcher, the founder of Coreworx Australia in response to clients’ needs to reduce time and disruption on construction sites building and installing high voltage joint bays for energy infrastructure.

This insight led to the development of what is known as the Coreworx segmented Joint Bay which is the preferred product for Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Systems Connect, Essential Energy and other providers. Whilst originally for the energy infrastructure market, the patent and design can be used by us to manufacture a stormwater drainage pit, a sewer pit, an electrical cable pit, an above ground box, a pump-out pit, valve pit, switchboard base or the like.

More information on our patented segmented product here.

Coreworx Joint Bays

For more information on how precast joint bays can save your resources, click here to explore our case studies and previously supplied projects and products.

Our capability and understanding of the Energy, Telecommunications and Civil sector allows us to assist in the design and engineering to develop new innovative solutions based on your site requirements and limitations.

Coreworx Joint Bays are available to comply with all major energy utilities (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Systems Connect, Essential Energy and more) specification and are custom made to suit each project.

  • 11kV Joint Bays
  • 33kV Joint Bays
  • 66kV Joint Bays
  • 132kV Joint Bays
  • Segmented Joint Bays (patented design held by Mascot Engineering)
  • Custom Joint Bays designed to suit the project and site requirements and limitations.

Below you’ll see some examples of Coreworx Joint Bays


Click here to view details of Coreworx by Mascot Engineering segmented Joint Bay patent.