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WA Grease Arrestors

Not all installations are the same – sometimes you need a concrete one, and other times you can get away with a plastic one. Mascot’s range of GRC Industrial Waste products are suitable for all installations – the perfect product with the strength of concrete, yet the convenience of plastic.

With the same strength as traditional concrete without weighing tonnes, we can help you save money and time on site. Unlike most plastic tanks, there is no need to concrete encase the Mascot GRC tanks as they are strong enough to suit all load ratings, with our simple-to-install gastight covers in concrete surrounds.

Mascot Engineering WA Grease Arrestors are available as a square or rectangular shaped tank. Please see the dimensions and capacities below for each.

WA Grease Arrestor

Download WA Grease Arrestor drawing here


WA Grease Arrestor Square Range (S)

Download WA Grease Arrestor Square drawing here


Mascot Engineering Grease Arrestors


Standard Features:

  • Internal coating of acid resistant tar epoxy paint
  • All pipe fittings are 100mm PVC. Others available upon request

Available Extras:

  • 300mm risers (specials available)
  • Support Frame and Work Platforms for above ground installations
  • Step irons
Product CodeCapacity (L)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)Mass (kg)



  1. Tested and approved for installations up to 5000mm deep
  2. 300mm risers available
  3. Large range of concrete surrounds and covers to suit all load ratings
  4. MPa rating for GRC: 60 MPa @ 28 days
  5. Available extras:
    1. Step irons
    2. Support frame & work platforms for above ground installations
  6. Other pipe sizes available upon request
  7. Fitted standard with PVC fittings. Other material (HDPE etc) available
  8. Cover will add to overall depth
  9. Internally coated with acid resistant tar epoxy paint
  10. Confirm with local authority for suitability prior to purchase/install.
  11. Installation instructions must be followed.