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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Lifting Keys

Mascot Access Cover Lifting Keys

All Mascot Engineering Access Covers include a pair of keyholes on the opening side to allow for authorised removal of the cover to provide access.

These Mascot Engineering access covers are generally gas and airtight and the (tee bolt) keys are simply designed to crack the ‘seal’ (jack screw) easily.  To be used in pairs, Mascot keys are available in ergonomic long handle as well as the simple and portable short d-handle options, they are an essential tool for civil works, drainage, telecommunications, sewer, high voltage electrical (HV) and road works trades.


Click the video link below to view a demonstration.

Removable Keyhole Cap

Composite material allowing for flex without cracking.
Easy Removal with screwdriver recess.

Lifting Keys for Non-Gastight Covers

The below lifting keys are suitable for most non-gastight covers.