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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Tree Grate Designs

Mascot Engineering Tree Grate Designs


  • All gratings are manufactured from minimum grade T220 Grey Cast Iron to conform to AS1830 – 1976.
  • Castings are supplied with a liberal coating of a bitumen based paint which conforms to BS3416 type II.
  • All of Mascot’s Grates are manufactured in accordance with the required Quality Assurance Programme to the requirement of Australian Standard AS3902.


  • Unless otherwise requested, Tree Grate Frames are mild steel angle, formed or welded to the correct shape.
  • Frames are supplied with a black bitumen coating as standard. Galvanising is available at a small additional cost.
  • Grouting-in lugs or tie bars designed to your specification can also be supplied.

Casting sections

  • All tree grates are made up of a number of smaller castings which simply bolt together to achieve the finished shape.

Safe working loads

  • Most of Mascot’s tree grates are designed for pedestrian traffic only. There are however, some designs which with a small frame modification, can support light vehicle traffic.

Hole sizes

  • Standard internal hole sizes are shown in the space below each illustration. The nominated dimension is a guide only, as most castings have a design feature which allows the opening to incrementally expand to coincide with tree growth.

Safe and secure

  • To aid with the prevention of unauthorised removal of grates, castings can be provided with allen head bolts to attach frames to grates.

Special shapes and sizes

  • You may have your own ideas or design for a project in mind. Mascot’s foundry can transform your ideas to reality. Even relatively small production runs can be catered for.