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Award Winning Projects Featuring Mascot Engineering

The International Convention Centre is not only a landmark property on Sydney’s waterfront, but also winner of the 2017 Australia’s Best Public Building and Best Tourism and Leisure Development award, amongst numerous others.

Mascot Engineering were engaged by Lendlease in conjunction with several electrical contractors to supply over 100 pit & cover packages to the prestigious project.

It was critical that the solution not only provided the strength and integrity required of such a high-volume environment, but also that the covers integrate seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of Darling Harbour and its surrounds.

 Mascot Paver Infill Covers

Design is always a major consideration, especially in projects as significant to the Australian architectural landscape as the ICC is. It’s critical that in-ground solutions like access covers work with the overall aesthetic of the facility, and are capable of supporting the load requirements of such a highly trafficked environment.

With the emphasis on the design and aesthetic of the project, Mascot were able to provide the perfect solution.  The unique paver infill covers were selected as they collaborated with the design whilst offering a Class D loading and long design life of cast/ductile iron.

Mascot GRC pits

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) pits are the ideal solution for the demands of highly trafficked areas such as the International Convention Centre (ICC) due to their strength and light weight nature.

Mascot Engineering have led the way in the production of high quality GRC for the Australian market since the 1980’s. Mascot’s GRC is a composite of concrete and fibreglass technologies.  It has the benefit of both products; the solidity of concrete and the high instantaneous strength of resin fibreglass.  In short, Mascot GRC Pits have been engineered and designed to be an alternative to traditional steel reinforced concrete, whilst weighing in at only one tenth of the weight.   Easier to handle, install and suitable for all loadings.

Mascot: Experts in Custom Solutions

Mascot Engineering have over 98 years’ experience working on the sort of custom solutions that the International Convention Centre required. Their team of experts are experienced in developing approved solutions that are tailored to the individual specification and needs of any project.

Mascot’s expertise in major infrastructure projects include: various military bases, schools, hospitals, main roads and rail projects nationwide. Click here for more detailed information on the various projects Mascot have been selected to work with.

For more information on Mascot Engineering’s range of GRC pits, covers and accessories visit or call 1300 885 295.