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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Trench Grating Removal

Below are two videos showing how simple it is to remove installed trench grating on site.  Unlike access covers that have a lifting keyhole, most grating is not fitted with this feature.  There are a number of grating removal tools available, and the choice of product depends on your site and the product you’ve installed.  Generally, a hook tool will suit most grating however there are also trolleys and other devices that will work on Mascot Engineering products.

F900 300mm Trench Grate & Frame

F900 600mm Trench Grate & Frame

Note: The above videos where filmed in a controlled warehouse environment and site conditions vary greatly.  Please check the weights of all grating prior to removal to ensure the equipment and work methodology is appropriate.  Please ensure safety equipment is warn and that the area around the grating is secure prior to access and that a SWMS is followed.