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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Environment and Sustainability

Protecting the future

As a local family company in our third generation, we are committed to introducing manufacturing, storage and packing processes that reduce the impact on the environment.

Through innovation and operational controls, we’ve taken steps to positively protect the environment and are conscious of reducing environmental impact across all of our activities.  Recycling water in our manufacturing process, our 394 solar panels on our Smithfield plant and the reuse of wastepaper are just some of steps we’ve taken.

It’s not just our processes, it’s our product too:

A joint study by the UK Government and Concrete Industry Alliance concluded that Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) as a material has a lower environmental impact (around 40% less) than similar products manufactured from other precast concrete materials.  More information on GRC and the environment, including details of the study, can be found on our website.

We also focus on the positive functional role that Mascot Engineering products play in the effective management and treatment of wastewater to protect the broader environment from harm.

ISO 14001 – Third Party Certification

All Mascot Engineering castings are manufactured in an accredited ISO 14001 foundry… in fact, this was the first foundry in the world to adopt an effective environmental management system (EMS) and achieve third party accreditation.

Mascot Engineering has strict quality controls across our manufacturing facilities and a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure that our products perform reliably and consistently.

We are immensely proud of being an Australian owned manufacturer and our proactive processes of reusing materials and water is just the beginning in our obligation to you and our future generations.

GRC and the Environment

A lower environmental impact (approx. 40%) than the equivalent steel reinforced product

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