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Multi Part Access Covers

Multipart assemblies combine standard size covers in multiple rows, generally when the clear opening exceeds 1200mm in both directions.

Mascot Engineering, one of the first to manufacture iron covers and multipart infill covers for the Australian market are the experts in providing multipart solutions for any application.

Multipart infill Access Covers combine standard size ductile iron infill covers, combined with galvanised support beams, in multiple rows, generally used when the clear opening requirements exceed 1200mm in both directions.

Applications for Multipart Access Covers

Multipart Infill Access Covers are often used on larger projects such as road and rail, however, can be used anywhere access to large pits or other enclosures is required, such in the case of:

  • Various civil and infrastructure projects such as airports and hospitals
  • Electrical substations
  • Sewer systems
  • Public spaces such as malls and entertainment districts
  • Any other application requiring large and component access to underground storage.

Mascot Multipart Cover range includes:

  • Concrete Infill Covers
  • Paver Infill Covers
  • Solid Top Covers

Mascot Engineering’s range of Covers are available as C250, D400 and F900.

Made for you

Using standard sized covers, all Multipart Covers are assembled in our facility, checked for accuracy and marked to assist installation on site. They are pulled down and carefully prepared for transport to site.

A detailed installation instruction document will be prepared by our team and supplied with your tailored solution.

Mascot multipart configurations

Mascot Engineering’s system relies on a number of ‘rows’ of covers divided by fixed or removable beams to achieve the desired clear opening. The beam size will depend upon the load rating as well as the beam’s length. In all cases unless requested, beams are supplied cut to length, galvanised and with lifting points.

There are thousands of combinations available, our technical team are experts in developing the right solution to fit your needs. The process usually involves sending your drawings or dimensions through to and our team will provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Security & Non-Rocking

All Mascot Engineering Access Covers require lifting keys to gain access, however they are also fitted as standard with a boltdown facility to help prevent unauthorised removal of the cover. The bolts are included and also allows our clients to fit additional security type bolts if required.

Our range of gas and airtight iron covers are machine finished to their matching frame to extremely tight tolerances and if installed level and as per our instructions will be non-rocking.

Rebate details

The below illustration shows the height and seating depth as well as the width and height of the beam pocket that should be allowed for on-site when preparing to install a Mascot Engineering Multipart Cover.

When planning rebates (and prior to construction), we recommend you discuss your requirements with our technical team to ensure the information provided here is relevant to your multipart. Our technical team prepare bespoke installation details specific to your multipart to ensure that you prepare the site and rebate to suit the multipart cover assembly you’ve commissioned for your project.


Beam Wallbox

All beams are engineered to ensure the load ratings are met as they are supporting structures of the access covers.  These supporting beams are seated in our unique wallbox allowing for easy removal of the beams using the lifting points (as seen in our video below) to allow for a complete clear opening to the pit or enclosure below.

It’s important to note that Mascot Engineering beam wallboxes do not impede into the enclosure or chamber opening in anyway.





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