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C250 Paver Infill Covers

EN124 Class C250

For gully tops, installed in the area of kerbside channels of roads which, when measured from the kerb edge, extends a maximum of 0.5m into the carriageway and a maximum of 0.2m into the pedestrian area.

Clear OpeningLoad RatingCover TypeWeightProduct Code
320x320C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame43kgEN-MFPI33D
450x450C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame60kgEN-MFPI44D
600x345C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame69kgEN-MFPI63D
600x600C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame80kgEN-MFPI66D
600x750C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame105kgEN-MFPI76D
750x750C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame120kgEN-MFPI77D
900x600C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame123kgEN-MFPI96D
900x750C250Paver Infill Cover & Frame149kgEN-MFPI97D
900x900C2502 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame169kgEN-MFPI99D
1270x450C2502 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame140kgEN-MFPI1245D
1200x1200C2502 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame290kgEN-MFPI1212D

2 Part, 3 Part and Continuous Trench Run

Mascot’s range of heavy duty Gastight Paver Infill Covers can be arranged in any configuration to suit the requirements of your project. This includes single part, 2 Part, 3 Part, a continuous trench run, or a multipart configuration.

Multipart Paver Infill Covers

Multipart units combine standard size Gastight Covers in multiple rows, generally when the clear opening exceeds 1200mm in both directions.

Multipart Covers can be designed to suit all shapes and sizes based on your specification. The team at Mascot Engineering will design your Multipart Cover and provide the relevant engineering support as needed.

Mascot Engineering’s system relies on a number of ‘rows’ of covers divided by fixed or removable beams to achieve the desired clear opening. The beam size will depend upon the load rating as well as the beam’s length. In all cases unless requested, beams are supplied cut to length and galvanised.


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