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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Concrete Encased Grates and Frames

Save time on site and have Mascot Engineering supply your grate and frame already encased in concrete. We can supply all our grates and frames (even custom sizes) in a concrete collar with full engineering support for special installations and load ratings. Below is a list of our standard stock sizes available for immediate delivery.




Suit Pit RangeClear OpeningLoad RatingDepthProduct Code
DS2300x300Class B150mmDS2SGMSLG
DS2300x300Class D150mmDS2SGMSHG
DS2300x300Class G150mmDS2SGMSEHG
DS3450x450Class B150mmDS3SGMSLG
DS3450x450Class D150mmDS3SGMSHG
DS3450x450Class G150mmDS3SGMSEHG
DS4750x450Class B150mmDS4SGMSLG
DS4750x450Class D150mmDS4SGMSHG
DS4750x450Class G150mmDS4SGMSEHG
DS5600x600Class B150mmDS5SGMSLG
DS5600x600Class D150mmDS5SGMSHG
DS5600x600Class G200mmDS5SGMSEHG
DS6600x600Class B200mmDS6SGMSLG
DS6600x600Class D200mmDS6SGMSHG
DS6600x600Class G250mmDS6SGMSEHG