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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


GMS Grates and Frames

Mascot Engineering’s GMS Sump Grates and Frames come in a range of standard sizes to suit our Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Pits. This range of Grates come complete with the distinctive RHS locater which locks the frame into the pit rebate – simply drop on top, walk away with confidence that the grate and frame will be square to the pit opening.

All are fitted with boltdown facility and are also available encased in an engineered concrete surround / plinth to suit all load ratings. Below you’ll find the standard stock sizes, however we can manufacture custom grating sizes for your project.

Heelproof versions of these grates are also available.

Meeting the Standards

All Mascot Engineering Galvanised Mild Steel grates are manufactured in accordance with AS3902 where applicable and to satisfy the requirements of AS1204 from Grade 250 structural steel. All welding complies with the guidelines set out in AS1554 and all components are hot dip galvanised after fabrication in accordance with AS1650. Load ratings are in accordance with AS3996.




Suite Pit RangePit SizeLoad RatingsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)Weight (kg)Product Code
DS2450x450Class B51046025/503016DS2HBLFG
DS3600x600Class B66061025/503025DS3HBLFG
DS4900x600Class B66091025/503035DS4HBLFG
DS5900x900Class B100091040/604591DS5HBLFG
DS61200x1200Class B1170117040/6045111DS6HBLFG
Suite Pit RangePit SizeLoad RatingsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)Weight (kg)Product Code
DS2450x450Class D54046040/754529DS2HBHFG
DS3600x600Class D70061045/755049DS3HBHFG
DS4900x600Class D70091045/755068DS4HBHFG
DS5900x900Class D100091045/10050104DS5HBHFG
DS61200x1200Class D1220123050/12565200DS6HBHFG