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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Solid Top Covers gastight

Mascot Engineering’s solid top access covers and frames are boltdown and finished with an anti-slip surface and are available in Class B, Class D and Class G loadings (as per AS3996).

Ideally suited to stormwater/sewer systems as well as electrical and communications enclosures, they are available with marker plates if needed.

Given the design of the frames, these covers can be made into two part, three part, trench-run and multipart systems to suit your project.



Clear Opening (A)Overall Height (B)Overall Size (C)WeightLoad RatingProduct Code
450x45075620x61060kgClass 250STD44
600x60075760x770104kgClass 250STD66
900x600751070x770116kgClass 250 STD96
900x900751070x1060155kgClass 250STD99