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BS EN 124-2


EN 124-2 is a European standard that specifically addresses gully tops and manhole tops and covers made from cast iron.

This standard is part of the EN 124 series, which covers various aspects of Access Covers and Gratings for pedestrian areas, car parks, and road surfaces. EN 124-2 provides detailed specifications and requirements for gully tops and manhole covers to ensure their quality, durability, and safety.

EN 124 and AS3996

EN 124 and AS3996 are two different standards that address similar aspects of access covers and gratings, particularly those used in pedestrian and vehicular areas. However, they are associated with different regions and have some differences in terms of their specifications and requirements.

EN 124 classifies access covers and gratings into different load classes based on the expected load-bearing capacity required for specific applications. These load classes range from A15 (light duty, pedestrian areas) to F900 (heavy-duty, industrial and airport areas).

AS3996 also classifies access covers and gratings into different load classes, but it uses a different numbering system and load descriptions. For example, it includes classes like Class B(for light-duty pedestrian areas), Class D (for medium-duty roads), and Class G (for extra heavy-duty industrial areas).

Choosing the right product

When specifying or purchasing gully tops and manhole covers, it’s essential to consider the specific load requirements and conditions of use to select the appropriate product with the right load class designation. Additionally, regional and national regulations may also apply, so it’s crucial to consult local building codes and standards in addition to EN 124-2 or AS3996 when planning construction projects.

The speed of traffic, wheel type and the physical position (turning area) should all be assessed.



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