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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Cast Iron Corrosion

Mascot Engineering’s iron products have a design life of at least 50 years… however in practice they’ve proven to last much longer.

Cast iron (grey or ductile) has a unique natural process of corrosion resistance called Patination.  Patination is due to the chemical composition of the material and the reaction to atmospheric exposure of the environment.  The patina effect is a thin layer of iron oxide (rusty look) is a non-invasive ‘coating’ that prevents deep rusting and slows down further corrosion.

This patina is a typical and predictable trait in cast iron covers and grates which can change depending on the installed location and the amount of traffic the product is exposed to.  Many metals have their own version of Patination… bronze and copper can change to shades of green and yellow.

Cast and ductile iron are chosen materials for grates and access covers predominantly due to their corrosion resistance, strength and durability.

All Mascot Engineering Cast Iron and Ductile Iron products are coated with either a paint or bituminous compound to provide short term protection only as per Clause 2.9.1 of AS3996:2019 (protective coatings).

Note:  Products can have a reaction to chemicals used in cleaning products post construction.