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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Solid Top Covers

With their non-slip surface design and simple installation whilst being lighter in weight than products incorporating concrete infill, solid top covers are quickly gaining popularity in Australia.  Maintaining all the benefits of our infill range with the rectangular and square covers carefully machined to create a seal and to ensure the assembly doesn’t rock when traffic passes over.

Each product has been designed in accordance with the standards and load tested to the requirements of EN 124-2.

Available for all project types, Mascot Engineering solid top covers are stocked  in Class C250, D400, and F900 load ratings and can be assembled as two part, three part, trench run and multipart assemblies locally.

Solid Top Covers Range

Mascot Engineering’s range of covers are available as C250, D400 and F900

2 Part, 3 Part and Continuous Trench Run

Mascot’s range of heavy duty Gastight Concrete Infill Covers can be arranged in any configuration to suit the requirements of your project. This includes single part, 2 Part, 3 Part, a continuous trench run, or a multipart configuration.

Multipart Concrete Infill Covers

Multipart units combine standard size Gastight Covers in multiple rows, generally when the clear opening exceeds 1200mm in both directions.

Multipart Covers can be designed to suit all shapes and sizes based on your specification. The team at Mascot Engineering will design your Multipart Cover and provide the relevant engineering support as needed.

Mascot Engineering’s system relies on a number of ‘rows’ of covers divided by fixed or removable beams to achieve the desired clear opening. The beam size will depend upon the load rating as well as the beam’s length. In all cases unless requested, beams are supplied cut to length and galvanised.

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