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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Four Part Infill Covers (Gastight)

The popularity of larger Pits and enclosures in 1500mm and 2000mm square continues to grow and to reduce leadtimes, Mascot Engineering keep stock of these two popular size 4 part Multipart Covers.

These stocked Multipart Gastight Covers suit approximately a 1500sq and 2000sq opening and are in Class D (load rating as per AS3996:2019) complete with a removable beam to allow full access to the enclosure.

We have the capability to provide these products encased in concrete to ease installation and reduce time spent on site.  We can also manufacture an appropriate Precast Concrete Pit to pair with these covers to your site requirements.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a link to our Custom Precast section that covers our manufacturing capabilities.


1560mm x 1570mm Clear Opening Class D Infill Multipart Cover complete with Removable Beam.
This multipart cover can be used with our Custom Precast Concrete 1500sq Pit.  Click here for details.



1865mm x 1865mm Clear Opening Class D Infill Multipart Cover complete with Removable Beam.

Clear OpeningOverall SizeOverall HeightWeightLoad RatingProduct Code
1560x15701745x186575480Class D4PMFD77
1865x18652030x216075630Class D4PMFD99

Note: 4PMFD77 and 4PMFD99 are 4 part multipart cover, frame and removable steel beam assemblies. All dimensions in mm. All weights in kg. All data correct at time of print and may vary.

Explore our Precast Concrete production capabilities here.