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Single Part Infill Covers (Gastight)


F 900 Single Part Gastight and Airtight Infill Covers



  1. All covers and frames manufactured from grade T220 cast iron (minimum) to conform to AS1830
  2. Castings are machined to form a gas and watertight seal
  3. Units are coated in bituminous paint complying with BS3416 type II
  4. Load ratings are in accordance with EN 124
  5. Bolt down and security systems available
  6. Two, three and multipart covers are framed also available
  7. All covers supplied with lifting keyholes and plugs


Clear Opening (A)Overall Height (B)Overall Size (C)WeightLoad RatingProduct Code
450x450102750x750105F 900EN-MFG44
600x450102900x750130F 900EN-MFG64
600x600102900x900150F 900EN-MFG66
600x750102897x1047195F 900EN-MFG67
600x900102897x1197220F 900EN-MFG69
750x6001021050x900180F 900EN-MFG76
750x7501021050x1050200F 900EN-MFG77
900x6001021200x900220F 900EN-MFG96
900x9001021180x1160305F 900EN-MFG99
1200x6001021497x897280F 900EN-MFG1206
1200x13001021500x1600510F 900EN-MFG1213

All dimensions in mm. All weights in kg. All data correct at time of print and may vary. Two, three and multipart Covers & Frames also available. All can be supplied encased in concrete if required. EN-MFG1213 is a two-part cover.


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