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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Two Part Infill Covers (Gastight)

Mascot Engineering’s Two Part Covers combine two standard size covers in a single frame. These covers are used when a single part does not provide a large enough clear opening or when smaller individual covers are required to ease lifting.

A range of Class E (400Kn) Two Part Infill Covers are also available. The chart below will be updated shortly, in the meantime please contact us for details.



F 900450mm x 1000mm100mm2 Part650mm x 1200mmEN-2P450X1000G
600mm x 1000mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1200mmEN-2P450X1000G
600mm x 1250mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1350mmEN-2P600X1000G
600mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1400mmEN-2P600X1250G
750mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1400mmEN-2P600X1300G
750mm x 1450mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1750mmEN-2P750X1450G
750mm x 1600mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1380mmEN-2P750X1600G
900mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 1400mmEN-2P900X1300G
900mm x 1600mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 1700mmEN-2P900X1600G
900mm x 1900mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 2000mmEN-2P900X1900G


Installation Rebate Detail




Load RatingA (mm)B (mm)
D + E100150


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