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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Burnam Burnam Sanctuary

Located along the beautiful Woronora River, Burnum Burnum Sanctuary is a popular recreational park featuring bushwalks, picnic areas, a playground, bike track and more.

Installed in 2011, the existing playground equipment was in need of an upgrade, so a high quality recreational facility was in order, with the project being completed in June 2021. The upgrades included renewed play equipment as well as additional seating, improvements to the bike path, and expanded carer and community facilities.

Heelproof grates are ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic and perfect for areas with children.  Mascot GMS Heelproof Grates are slip proof and the small size opening (whilst still having a 50% opening) ensures children’s toys and balls (even Lego) can’t fall into the pit below.

Australian conditions can be harsh and longevity of products is for projects.  All Mascot GMS Heelproof grates are hot dip galvanised locally to ensure relevant Australian Standards are met.  When pairing heelproof grates with Mascot GRC Pits, we have a number of options including drop-in as well as hinged and boltdown grates and frames which are all available in various load ratings.

Learn more about Mascot’s range of Heelproof Grating here.

Learn more about Mascot’s range of GRC Drainage Pits here.

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