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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Industrial Unit Complex Drainage Grating

A popular choice for industrial factory units, Mascot GRC Pits paired with GMS Grates and Frames can be found across Australia.

This project in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield near the Enfield Intermodal was completed in 2020 and houses approximately 20 units.

Designed with the plumbing contractor in mind, Mascot GRC Drainage Pits are simple and easy to install.  Pipe entries can be made on site with a ball pein hammer in any location or size – you’re not limited to a knockout panel like those found in traditional concrete pits.  Mascot GRC Pits are strong though lightweight allowing them to be used as an alternative to 100mm wall pits.  Given the industrial nature of this project, heavy duty galvanised mild steel grates and frames have been installed.  The large opening of these grates perform exceptionally well collecting rainwater in installations like these with such a large concreted area.

All Mascot GRC Pits are manufactured in Australia and have been designed for the Australian environment.  Our GMS Grating is hot-dip galvanised locally also ensuring product durability ad longevity.

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