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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Macquarie Telecom Data Centre

Data Centres require a huge amount of power to function efficiently. Macquarie Park in Sydney’s North West is home to many Data Centres, and therefore home to many Coreworx Joint Bays!

This custom segmented (Mascot patent) precast Joint Bay is a 33kv Feeder installed to increase the power to a Macquarie Telecom Date Centre.  We worked closely with the contractor to design and construct a cable joint bay that could not only match the clients requirements but also be installed quickly during the evening to avoid disruption.  Located in the middle of a busy road, our logistics team planned for two semi-trailers to arrive at 10pm to meet the crane and install team.

Mascot Engineering’s patented Segmented Joint Bay not only saves time on site due to it being precast, but also allows for a smaller crane on site leading to reduced installation costs.

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  • Client
    JDG & UCS
  • Location
    Macquarie Park, NSW
  • Products
    Coreworx Joint Bay