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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Sydney Airport Fuel Pit

Sydney Airport is working to upgrade fuel infrastructure to improve services to its aircraft. The work includes an upgrade to underground fuel hydrant systems, which are enclosed by custom designed Concrete Pit solutions.

Typically these types of pits are poured on-site and need to be scheduled around weather as well as traffic conditions at the airport. As air traffic has drastically reduced recently, installers were able to take advantage of the convenience and cost effectiveness of installing a Custom Precast Concrete Pit. The decision was made to partner with Mascot Engineering in the construction of a 72T Precast Concrete Pit for the project. The ability to utilise a precast solution meant that the pit was 95% constructed before the ground works commenced, ensuring that the project could be managed as efficiently as possible.

Precast Concrete Pit Solutions are gaining in popularity for a range of applications over the traditional “cast in-situ” method of creating pit enclosures due to consistency in quality (and load rating compliance), a reduced dependence on ideal weather conditions, cost effectiveness to install, as well as speed of installation.

Mascot Engineering proudly partner with the building and construction industry to deliver innovative and reliable products to Australia’s most critical infrastructure projects.

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    Sydney Airport
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    Mascot, NSW
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    Custom Precast Concrete Pit