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Sales Enquiries | +61 2 9828 2660


Class E Access Covers

Introducing our new 400Kn Class E Access Covers.  This new range of gas and airtight infill covers are compliant with the load ratings specified in the updated 2019 version of the Australian Standard for Access Covers and Grates (AS3996:2019).

The updated AS3996 standard notes that Class E covers are typically used in Freeways and Motorways where they are subjected to heavy vehicle traffic.  Mascot’s Class E Infill Covers are manufactured from Ductile Iron and dimensions can be found here.  If you need technical drawings of these covers, please contact us and we’ll send through in DWG or PDF format.

At the moment our warehouses (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Newcastle) have 600sq, 900×600 and 900sq in stock with more to follow… we can manufacture Class E trench runs and multiparts with fixed or removable galvanised mild steel beams also.

Our trench covers and multipart units are manufactured in Sydney at our Smithfield facility.  Maintaining local skills ensures we can meet your project timing requirements and aren’t relying on others to meet our commitments to you.

Established in 1920, Mascot Engineering began as a small iron foundry in Sydney’s inner suburb of Mascot.  Our iron foundry manufactured municipal castings such as access covers and grating and this year we celebrate our 100th year as an Australian manufacturer.

We’re proud of our history as well as the trust the Australian trade has in our products… the fact that we’ve been supplying iron products to the Australian market for 100 years probably has something to do with it.

You’ll find more information on Mascot Covers on this website, alternatively contact our Mascot 4You technical team on or 1300 885 295.

Specifications on Class E (as well as B, D & G) infill covers can be found here.

AS3996:2019 information can be found here.